Chevron Audio

Here’s some of the feedback we have had from our customers:-

Naim CD3.5 upgrade:- I've been doing some serious listening over the past week. The player has got better each time I have listened. I am not to good a describing things in Hi-Fi terms all I can say is it sounds much more musical and involving, it just sounds more ""right", bass lines are easily followed and a certain measure of harshness has now gone. So a big thumbs up. Regards Andy.

Rega Planet CD upgrade:- The Planet arrived all safe, thank you. It does sound a lot better than when it left, although not as good as the Shanling, but then it shouldn't I suppose. it will fit nicely in a 2nd system and do a great job for a fair while. Kind Regards Pete.

Sony XB790 SACD upgrade with Audiocom clock, Chevron Audio power supply and opamp upgrade :- Well I had a  chance for an extended listen. You have created something that in all honesty just about beats the DPA (SX64) and demolishes it on SCAD. A veritable masterpiece in my view. Graham

Teac CD player converted to transport with dpa Deltran clock synchronisation:- The TEAC is phenomenal! Very smooth with gobs of depth and width. I seem to want to keep on turning up the volume. Every CD sounds great. Well recorded stuff is just outstanding. Lesser stuff is still sounds good. Despite the silky smoothness all the detail is still there. Still to be honest I haven't made detailed comp with Enlightenment Drive. Only general comparison and I'm sure the TEAC is way ahead. Feroz

dpa Enlightenment DAC upgrade, external power supply, data resynchronisation & opamp upgrade :- It has settled in really well now and sounds utterly superb, It thrashes the Marantz CD80 that I bought the other day, which is now relegated to just being the transport. Thanks for a sterling job, I'll let you know how it stacks against the Wadia 21 when it turns up. Regards, Paul.

Chevron Audio CA14R Speakers & CA4X Cable with XF Stands:- A chap called Robert and another called Mike should be in touch ref speakers - they bought some valves off me and we had a session. I left them on all the other night and they are improving (speakers) so much so that the chaps thought they were the best they had heard here... and as you know I have had some kit. Many Thanks Graham.

Arcam CD72 opamp output stage upgrade:- thank you for doing the conversion you have done a superb job making the cd 72 better in many ways. it seems to sound better the more you play it .,is there a burn in time perhaps. many thanks Mervyn


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