Chevron Audio

We can supply most of the Tentlabs DIY Parts & Modules. Listed below are items usually in stock, other items are available to order.

For details visit Tentlabs

Tentlabs XO Low Jitter Clocks for Players, Transports and some DAC’s, a low noise 5V or 3.3V power supply is required (Tentlabs Shunt Regulators are ideal). Price each 28 + 4 post :-

11.2896 MHz

16.9344 MHz

18.432 MHz

22.5792 MHz

24.576 MHz

27 MHz

45.1584 MHz

67.7376 MHz

VCXO - 12.288 MHz

Tentlabs Shunt Regulators 5V. Price 37 + 4 postage.


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