Chevron Audio

Universal Player/DAC

BDP150 front


No longer produced, we have one Level 1 Player version left ex demo for 350 inc shipping.

The Sabre DAC Transformation of the Pioneer BDP150 Universal Player gives an extremely high quality reproduction of stereo music from a very wide range of digital music sources, including CD, SACD, DVD-A, DVD-V, BluRay , USB memory device and networked server. Also it is modified to work as a stand alone DAC with SPDIF inputs or USB input from a computer.

Available in 2 versions, a Player only version which accepts all the inputs options of the standard BDP150 and a Player/DAC version which adds Coaxial and Optical SPDIF inputs and USB input from a computer (the standard Player USB inputs only work from memory devices). In Player mode the BDP-150 just provides I2S data, everything else is Chevron designed and manufactured. In DAC mode you don’t even have to turn the BDP-150 ON because it then becomes effectively a standalone Chevron DAC, the Pioneer power supply is not used in this mode. The DAC version now has a better USB decoder, its asynchronous, ground isolated from the DAC and handles all usual sample rates up to 192KHz.

We sell direct so there is no distributor or dealer mark up. It compares favorable with equipment costing much more. Why not give it a try, demonstration available at Little Eaton or we may be able to come to you.

.Player Version - was 580

Player/DAC Version - was 820

What we add (all Chevron designed):-

    • A DAC module using two ES9023 Sabre DAC chips operating in differential mode. This mode of operation gives lower noise & distortion than a single chip implementation. Power supplies to and in the DAC chips are very low noise, much better than the datasheet recommendation for the ES9023.
    • The Sabre DAC chips are asynchronously clocked by a low jitter clock, this ensures any jitter in the digital sources is reduced to an insignificantly low level. Clock frequency has been chosen for best sound quality.
    • Opamps made from discrete components & operating in class A (better than any integrated opamp we have tried), only one per channel is needed to combine the differential audio signals.
    • A mains transformer & low noise linear power supplies for the DAC module & opamps.
    • Additional capacitors in the BDP150 power supplies to reduce noise. The BDP150 circuits only have to decode the audio data to i2s format for the DAC module they are not critical to final sound quality but for a small cost we have improved them anyway.
    • Chassis vibration control is added to improve immunity to acoustic feedback.
    • Available with phono RCA or XLR Balanced outputs.

    Other features of BDP150 click Here

    “Pure Audio” - A new audio format for Blu-Ray has been released.  Its audio only similar to DVD-Audio but with up to 24/192 recordings in stereo and multi channel and can be operated without a display or TV connected. We have Patricia Barber’s - Modern Cool and it certainly sounds better than the CD version (which itself sounded very good). Click Here.

    Reviews - Please click Here


BDP150 rear
BDP150 circuit boards

Left board is Chevron added and contains the DAC chips, spdif & USB receivers, Tentlabs low jitter clock and voltage regulators.

Right board is Pioneer board (with Chevron improvements) which supplies audio data to left board.

Centre board is Chevron discrete Class A opamps for audio output.

BDP150 power boards

Toroidal Transformer top right is added by Chevron to power linear regulator board on the left, this supplies power to the added Chevron Boards.

Right board is Pioneer power board with Chevron improvements.

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