Chevron Audio

These custom stands are manufactured for us by 'something SOLID' they work extreamly well with a wide range of speakers.

XF Mk2 Stands:-

The XF stands allow most speakers to achieve their full potential. They improve the clarity, timing and bass response of most speakers yielding exceptional musicality. Pictured above is the mk1, Now supplying the improved mk2 version which is slightly different.

They provide a rigid platform that raises the drive units to the optimum height for a seated listening position.

The all welded steel rod construction has been developed to dissipate energy from the speaker cabinet aided by carbon fibre pegs to couple the speakers to the stands.

The stands do not use top or bottom plates that could resonate and add sound colourations.

Black finish.

Made to the width and depth of your speakers.

Price:- Typically 300 pair for stands up to 100cm height and where the combined height + width + depth is less than 120cm. Contact us with your speaker width & depth plus stand height required and we will workout a price including delivery if required. Only available to EU countries.



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