Chevron Audio

Chevron Audio Developments are a small company based in Little Eaton near Derby Derbyshire England. We are music lovers dedicated to producing or improving HiFi equipment to give very high quality sound reproduction at a reasonable price.


News:- Apr’15 - I had a demo room with Salient Audio at HiFi Wigwam Show 2015. Details also Trichord Dino Upgrades added here

      Sept’13 - Sabre Universal Player/DAC now available.

      Feb’13 - Paradox DAC review by TNT-Audio.

      Nov’12 - Paradox DAC details updated.

      Oct’12 - Contact details updated.


Chevron Audio Developments formerly known as Chevin Audio Developments supply equipment for music reproduction.

We employ sophisticated measurement techniques combined with extensive listening tests to optimize the many parameters that are important to good sound reproduction.

These techniques are also used during production control to ensure that each item is up to scratch.

To ensure quality is of the highest order all assembly work and testing is done by us.

Colin Yallop - Proprietor

We supply the following products and services:-

Supply of HiFi equipment and audio cables designed and manufactured by us.

Speaker and Equipment support systems manufactured by something SOLID.

. Tentlabs audio products and DIY products.

Upgrades to a range of HiFi equipment.



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