Active Analog Speaker Crossovers

This is the simplest way to Active Crossovers. High & Low pass filters are implement using active buffers or opamps at line level before power amps. Software is used to create the required filter circuits based on required crossover frequency, Q and gain. Simple to do but trying different filter parameters requires new or changed circuits and can get tedious. In practice I use a DCX2496 digital crossover unit to determine filter parameters before building the analog filters.

Activation eliminates  passive inductors,capacitors & resistors between the power amplifiers & speaker drive units makes life easier for the amplifiers which only handle part of the audio spectrum  but most of all allows the amplifiers to control the drive units much  more accurately.

My Apogee Stage speakers were first activated this way using a Trimodal amp for the ribbon and Hypex amp for panel, crossover Linkwitz-Riley 2nd order.

Systems have also been sold for Yamaha NS1000 & NS10 speakers, Linn Kaber & Lema Xeta speakers.


NS1000 amp cables & backplate 2

NS1000 amp Rear


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