We produce Speaker & Interconnect cables developed by ourselves to  give very high performance at affordable prices. The key design feature  of all our cables is the use of relatively small diameter solid core  conductors to enhance the Skin Effect. Put simply AC signals travel along the surface of a wire close to the  speed of light. At radio frequencies virtually all the signal travels  this way and this is the Skin Effect. However at audio frequencies a proportion of the signal also propagates down the wire itself and this proportion of the signal travels much  more slowly. The thicker the wire and or the lower the frequency the  more this effect occurs and if you imagine a nice clearly defined music  transient setting of down a wire, when it gets to the end of the wire it will be slightly blurred. Some audio people report the Skin Effect as a bad thing but we like it and in listening tests find thin  conductors give less sound degradation than thicker ones. A cable also  needs adequate current carrying capacity so sometimes multiple  conductors are needed to achieve this. However multiple conductors need  to be spaced apart otherwise they work like one thick conductor. For  this reason amongst others stranded cable is not the way to go in our  experience.

Other factors such as materials, geometry, physical and electrical  conditioning are all important to the design of a good audio cable. For  plugs we go with low mass to complement the small diameter wires. We  think Eichmann make the best ones but the benefit of them is some what  lost when used with the high mass sockets commonly fitted by equipment  manufacturers.

All our cables are supplied with a full refund if you don‪t like them and return then in good condition within 28 days.

Speaker Cables:

speaker cables

The Chevron Speaker Cable provides a very high performance link between  amplifiers and speakers. Constructed of polyolefin insulated solid core  copper, multiple individually insulated solid core strands are combined  to give good current carrying capacity.  Normally terminated with low  mass 4mm¬  plugs other termination‚Ä™s are possible.

The cable is low capacitance to suit most amplifiers.

The cables are run in before supply.

Available in single or biwire configurations, picture above is black but normally we supply grey. 

Price:-¬  3M pair - £110

  5M pair - £125

  7M pair - £140

  UK Delivery - £8 


Silver IC

I am no long making The Silver4c Interconnect, to much time needed to make them. It is made with natural fibre insulated solid core Silver wire with 4N  purity. 4 strands are woven into a braid with 2 wires paralleled for  each conductor. The 2 wires are run from opposite directions of the bulk wire reel so this interconnect is definitely non directional. Wire used is 0.2mm diameter optimizing the skin effect (see explanation in  speaker cables above).

The  finished cables are run in (burnt in) for 3 days (particulary beneficial with silver cable) so you will get good performance soon after  connecting they in your system.

Normally supplied with ETi (Eichmann) Silver Bullet Plugs.

SPC Audio

SPC Braid Interconnect pictured above is our entry level interconnect.  Its made by weaving 3  ptfe insulated 0.25mm silver plated copper wires. Plugs are stripped  down gold plated (not that gold plating does anything for them they just come like that) ptfe insulated, we throw away the thick metal body  which degrades the audio signal, leaving a low mass low cost plug.

The woven braid is annealed and the finished cable run in for 24 hrs.

Price:- SPC IC Unbalance RCA - £110 per M pair

SPC IC Balanced XLR - £120 per M pair.

 For other lengths add or subtract £10 per half meter pair.

UK Shipping on all interconnects - £5.


Chevron Audio