Years ago I installed the excellent SACD upgrades from Vacuum State

During this period I was able to repair some of these players with new Lasers & Spindle motors from Sony. These parts are for the most part no longer available, Some new lasers may still be available on ebay at a price.

New Spindle Motors which spin the discs are not available. However recently (Nov’23) I had an enquiry which got me thinking. I have a couple of old motors which failed due to bearing wear. Specifically the thrust plate sapphire bearing wears causing friction & also disc to laser gap to be reduced. On the motor shaft is a ruby hemisphere which causes the sapphire wear but the ruby is hard enough to remain OK.

I worked out how to remove the sapphire and after some web searching I managed to get a few sapphires of the required size. Fitted one and the spindle spins like new.  I think its good a new. Sent it to owner to fit and waiting for news.

Of course the player might still not work due to laser issue or other problem.

Repaired motor with new sapphire fitted :- £60 inc UK postage.

SCD1 SCD777 Spindle MotorSCD1 SCD777 Thrust Bearing



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