Trichord Dino Phono Preamplifier Upgrades

I was given a Dino2 to repair with early Burson Opamps fitted in place of  the standard output opamps. The problem was just with dip-switch  settings. I was impressed with the sound quality using my Denon DL-304  MC cartridge. The Dino2 with burson opamps was not far behind my  VacuumState FVP5 phono preamp which is a very high performance valve  unit designed by the late Allen Wright. Since then I have upgraded several Dino 1 & 2’s.

For the Dino2 I recommend having the output opamps changed, at time of writing (Aug’20) I would fit OPA1611 biased to Class A. Also some power supply improvements and a modification I prefer to keep confidential at the moment. Cost would be £130 + shipping. A further improvement would be fitting SMD/DIL adapters to the output opamps. This would allow discrete opamps such as Bursons to be plugged in. Price to be determined.

For the Dino1 upgrade I recommend replacing SSM2019 for THAT1510 the first stage amplifier (as used in Dino2) and replacing the power supply opamps. Other upgrades as Dino2. Addition of DC servo to the output opamps allows wider choice of opamps. Because the output opamps were originally DIL the upgrade allows DIL plugin opamps to be used. Cost would be £220 + shipping. including integrated opamps not Bursons


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